Sketching for Animators Who Can’t Draw

About This Course

As the instructor explains, you don’t need to be great or even very good at drawing for purposes of animation. You just need to be decent, and that involves lots of practice. He describes this course as  ”The fun and easy way to learn how to draw for animators who can’t draw.”

As I went through it I found it to be a nice but short course for beginners looking to learn how to start to sketch anything using basic 2D and 3D shapes which make up bigger objects or characters.

If you are looking for a long in depth course that takes you to artistic greatness this is not the one for you, and I would also suggest to only get it when Udemy is offering courses on sale prices. However that’s not to discourage anyone from using the lessons in this course as a good means to start sketching for yourself right from day one assuming you have absolutely no idea how to begin.

What You Will Learn

You will learn about Sketching being a process and how different it is to Drawing.

You’ll also be shown how important it is to consider proportions and how to use coordinates as a reference to sketch.

Next you will cover how useful parallel lines are when drawing in perspective, and using vanishing points which act as guidlines.

He goes on to show you some examples of sketching simple characters, and how different shapes can make different character heads making your characters all unique from one another.

The course then goes on to explain how to pose your characters in different positions in both 2D and 3D. I especially enjoyed this part as you are seeing characters come to life. He explains how sketching individual shapes put together will make up the character.


The course ends with a bonus lesson about drawing hands, and he provides some helpful tips to remember in regards to the distancing of each part of the hand and the shapes that make it look real.

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