28 February 2024
Direct and Produce Animation

Direct and Produce Animation

Learn how to direct your own animation project and what is needed exactly.

Covers topics like the story, the script, the animation, and the music, and how they all fit together.

This course is useful if you have ideas for animation that you want other people to work on for you, and shows you how to get started.

About This Course

  • Title: Direct and Produce Animation
  • Instructor: 2D Animation 101 Courses, Animation Courses for Beginners

Current Specifications

  • Lectures: 68
  • Video: 3 hours
  • Skill level: All Levels


The course is separated into logical sections that make sense and get straight to the point. This makes it easy to skip to what you want (if that’s what you want), and to dive into thinking about how to go about putting your own animation project together.

The lessons made me feel like it was easy enough to get started with my own project afterwards, which I love. There’s nothing worse when finishing a course than thinking, “I have no idea what to do now.” If you yourself are interested in this topic but don’t know how to go about it, it can seem overwhelming without knowing where to begin. The instructor gets right to the point with each topic, and as a student, it seems like what he is teaching is logical and made perfect sense to me.

The course also covers the topic of Sound. You can of course create animation that has no sound (although it may not have the viewer’s attention in quite the same way) so at some point you would typically want to add sound to your animated creations. Therefore it was nice to go through this topic and get an idea of what’s needed, and what’s expected when it comes to finding sound actors to do voice overs on your animation. The instructor gives some insight into ‘how’ you can direct your actors so you get the best results possible, and he also talks about what happens during the sound post production phase.


His over dramatic narrating and jokes that I found to be quite silly, can be a little distracting from the lessons. It took me a while to get used to that to be honest. I wondered why he did not simply have a native English speaker narrate the lessons instead (given that the subject of Voice Actors is one of the sections he teaches – spot the irony there?). Maybe it’s just me that feels that way of course, which is fine, each to their own. And I honestly do not mean any offense towards him, it’s just that I find his narration hard to get used to. It’s not easy describe in words what I mean exactly, but rather something you just have to experience for yourself. That said, the content for me outweighs the voice behind the videos greatly and I was still happy to take the course.


The course was efficiently put together and I was quite happy to take it. I did go on quite a bit about his voice earlier, however I would still listen to him again in future lessons if he is teaching any courses that I wish to take. The material is of course much more important, and I found his lessons to be helpful.

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